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My wife and I recently moved into a little home, and my wife stated she felt no spiritual activity at first. However, here we are 5 months later, and we have several spirits ghosts, all of whom are just bright, happy energy!

My question is, I wanted to feel and see spiritual activity so badly, could I have attracted these particular presences from other friend's places?

Not only do we have a little ghost girl in the house, but now my cousin and I smell strong floral perfume, and constantly hear an old-fashioned radio trying to tune itself in.

I have never felt anything but happiness with these new beings, and I want them to feel at home. Am I crazy to be so excited? We have a very happy home, and there is always love, and laughter, and people over. I am pretty sure at least two of them are beloved relatives of my wife's and I.

I guess my second question would be is there a way to let them know they are welcomed always? Please tell me if I am strange, I have only been encountering spiritual life since last October, and I have seen and felt both dark and positive energies.
Thank You!

I don't think you are strange at all and it's great that you are greeting your house guests with such enthusiasm. We all view the paranormal world differently, for some it's exciting, for others it's frightening, there's no right or wrong in how we feel about it.

Could I have attracted them from other friend's places?

You may have, there are times when spirits ghosts can follow someone. Most likely though, you are attracting them up from all over. One of the things that ghosts want most is to be noticed. They know when someone can sense, or even see or hear them, and they may be drawn to those people.

When you open yourself to the metaphysical world you may find that you notice much more going on. This may be because more beings are coming around, or, you are tuning in at a higher level and accessing a larger part of it.

Is there a way to let them know they are welcomed always?

Since there are so many occurrences I would imagine they all know they are welcome, but if you like you can let all the benevolent entities know you are happy with them visiting by just simply telling them so.

It's actually quite easy to communicate with the metaphysical world, you just speak to them like they were regular people, most of the time that works just fine.

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