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Ghostly Presence on my Stairs!

by Sue
(Kent, UK)

I just moved in my new house in september 2009 and 6 months later just after Christmas I was laying in bed and I heard a voice down stairs like someone was talking. I totally ignored it thinking it might be my neighbours.

I went to go to sleep and heard the bottom of my stairs creak. (as they do) then my 6th step on the stairs went and that's when I knew something was there.

It's just that my daughter, who just turned 4yrs old, woke up that I went out of my room and no one was there.

I got her back to sleep and then I heard no more, but 20mins after that there was a weird smell coming from the stairs so I had a look and nothing, 3 seconds later the smell went.

2 months after this had happened I went to bed one night with no trousers on, as it was hot, and I felt something touch my leg, nothing was there. So I put my trousers on and went to sleep.

I have taken videos and found nothing so I don't know what it is. But 2011 my daughter keeps saying they're back and he is here, but don't know what she means. She got scratched on her leg about 1 month ago and nothing since. She keeps saying "Maxie" but don't know any one of that name!

Comments for Stairs!
by Ilse

Ghosts don't have to be someone we know. Some ghosts will haunt a place they are familiar with, or a place that has some meaning for them.

It may be that you don't hear anything more from this ghost, if they have finished what they set out to do, they may have moved on.

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