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Can You Take A Ghost With You?

Is there any way to encourage a spirit/ghost to come with you when you move to another location. I've lived with one for 22 years and to be honest, I would miss him.

Well, I think it really does depend on the ghost. You could certainly try and invite him to come along with you, let him know that he is most welcome to do so. He may be attached to the house or place he is in now, however.

I do know of ghosts that have been seen in different spots so they can move around.

There is a story of a ghost that travelled quite a few miles across the ocean in fact, though it seems he was attached to a piece of furniture that was moved. The story is Guarding a Secret So they can be moved I'm just not certain what all may be involved to make it happen.

I would just ask him to come along.

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