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The Faceless Demon

by Ashley

What does it mean to see a faceless demon or a faceless ghost?

Yesterday I saw the figure of a woman with no face she was light skinned, with faded burgundy hair and had her hand on the wall standing in a direction that was pointing to myself. This was the first time I have encountered this happening to me and I would like to know what does it mean to see a faceless ghost? After it left my heart was beating very fast.

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The Faceless Demon

The Faceless Demon
Really a Harbinger
by: Ilse

The faceless demon, or faceless ghost is one of many entities that we may be too quick to class as a demon when in fact it is something else.

Faceless Demon - Faceless Ghost

This is not actually a ghost but better considered as a harbinger. Though it is often referred to as a faceless demon, that name may not be the right one for it.

There are a few stories about a faceless demon that appears to people in the guise of a woman. Often she will do her haunting through dreams. It is thought that she is trying to get a message or a warning to the dreamer, unfortunately it's not always that clear what the actual message is.

Most of the time she is giving notice that you are involved in something that may not be good for you , perhaps that you need to change something you are doing. The good news is she doesn't cause any other harm other than scaring people.

There are also people, like yourself, that report being visited by one of these in a 'living' form. It holds the same meaning, there is something that you may have to change in order for you to avoid some calamity.

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