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The Possession of David O'Reilly

David O'Reilly

The Possession of David O'Reilly isn't actually billed by Epic - the US distrubuter of the film, as based on true events. FC, the maker of the film, only states inspired by true events.

Maybe they're the same thing, then again, maybe not.

As with a lot of true paranormal movies, this one is filling in the blanks of a true event and speculating as to what really happened. There are a few facts of the case that the supernatural theory is based on.

Known True Facts:

The real story took place in London. Police were called to what they later wrote up as a domestic dispute or maybe love rivalry.

There was no evidence of a break in, the doors were still locked from the inside. Nor did the police suspect foul play or that drugs had anything to do with the circumstances that were found in the apartment.

One of the occupants kept a diary, which the police found, it was full of eerie drawings and writing that was equally weird.

David OReilly

Those are the bare, true events that writer/director Andrew Cull says inspired him to write the movie.

The Possession of David O'Reilly The Paranormal Movie

David O'Reilly catches his girlfriend cheating on him and runs to a friend's house. The couple, Alex and Kate, invite him in for the night.

It becomes quite clear, rather quickly, that although he seemed to be alone when he arrived, that someone, or better, something has followed him. He reveals that something has been terrorizing him for about two weeks.

Escaping to his friends doesn't actually help him though, and in fact has placed them all in its path and in inevitable danger. A demonic presence has attached itself to him and followed him to his friends' apartment.

The Possession of David O'Reilly unravels over two harrowing nights.

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