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The real Emily Rose is actually Anneliese Michel and her story has been made into two movies Exorcism of Emily Rose and this German film - Requiem.

Many say that Requiem is much closer to the true story and doesn't rely on any of the usual horror theatrics that make up so many demon possession movies. Actually, most folks caution if you are looking for over dramatic horror scense, you won't find them in this film. It is filmed as more of a drama than a paranormal movie.

The story centers around Michaela (Anneliese) a young woman born in Germany. She suffers from epilepsy but still manages to go away to university her life long dream. As she begins to make new friends and finds love with Stefan, the stress of her new life begins to take its toll.

When her attacks begin to become more frightening, with visions of grotesque, evil faces and demonic voices, she begins to doubt her seizures are medically based but rather the result of demons. Having been raised in a profoundly religious home she soon seeks the help of a priest who confirms her greatest fears she is possessed.

Hanna, her new friend, and Stefan try to get her to go to a psychiatrist, but Michaela turns to her family instead. The real Emily Rose story unfolds up to its tragic end.

Please Note: Requiem is in German with English subtitles.

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