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Things Starting by Themselves

by Brianna

I was in my bedroom when my brother's toys went off by themselves and I was the only one home. When I went to go look the toy was off.That happens like tiwce every day. Other times when I walk in there to to play with him ( my little brother ) it smells like diapers he is 4 he does not use diapers anymore. One more thing is every night he says there is someone in the bed with him but when we look there is no one. He says that the ghost name is Sara .

She could be just playing with the toys because this is what she wants to do, or it could be her way of trying to get your attention. The same with the diaper smell, it could be something she remembers, or maybe she is so young that she is still in diapers.

It can be hard to figure out why she isn't moving on. She might have a reason that you obviously don't know. Most ghosts are friendly, when she has finished whatever it is she needs to do, she will likely travel onward.


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