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What Are Ghosts?

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What are ghosts in both the physical sense and the spiritual?

Ghosts are people who have lived on this earth with us, died, and come back for a visit. Often, though not always, they are people we know. And even though a lot of people are afraid of ghosts, most ghosts are here to help, rather than harm us.

As living people we feel the most secure and comfortable thinking there is a strong, distinct line that separates the living from the dead. We feel safer with those thoughts. It's mostly instinct, the overwhelming drive to survive. We do just about anything we can to avoid death. When ghosts cross that line it terrifies us, basically we fear they bring death with them because that is how we think of ghosts as 'death'.

If we stop thinking of the grim side of ghosts - that they are dead people - and instead focus our thoughts of what are ghosts to the positive aspect instead - that the person may have died but their spirit continues on, we then have a much brighter view of what are ghosts.

Ghosts really are the spirit of a person who has lived in this realm and has now moved on to the next realm. Fear and death don't have to be part of our answer to what are ghosts.

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