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What Does Poltergeist Mean?

What does poltergeist mean? The real word meaning and also what is it?

My answer:

Poltergeist is derived from the German polter - noisy; geist ghost; meaning 'noisy ghost.'

In a paranormal situation what does poltergeist mean is more accurately described as an event accompanied by unusually noisy activity and often also accompanied by objects being moved, floated or in extreme cases, being thrown.

Poltergeists can be ghosts. There are ghosts or entities that can and do generate sufficient physical evidence that is quite obviously caused by something other than natural causes.

Caused by Psychokinesis

Sometimes this phenomenon can also be caused by psychokinesis. It's mistaken for a haunting when the person causing the event isn't aware they are doing it. In these instances, though you could call the event supernatural because of the psychokinesis, it is really mundane and caused by a living human being.

The meaning is starting to be used to describe anything noisy associated with a haunting, though that is not quite right. A knocking in answer to an investigator's questions wouldn't be considered to fit the true definition of what does poltergeist mean. In that case it would be considered communicating, even though it's obviously noisy. For true poltergeist activity you're looking for a lot more happening than a few knocks or bumps.

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