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What Is A White Ghost?

We have a few instances where folks have seen a white ghost and wonder what it is. Some of the experiences can be quite different from one another.

Although our first assumption is that they may be guardian angels, these are a bit different as most of the time if someone sees their guardian angel they are fairly certain that is what they are interacting with.

Regardless of the true nature of these spirits their intentions seem to be good.

What does it mean if you see what appears to be a person and it appears light in color? Not a shadow, not a dark object but like it has on white or light colored clothes?

Thanks, Mike

My Answer to - What Is A White Ghost?

A lot of times the ghosts we see look just like we would expect a normal person to look like and often are someone we know. Obviously there are also those ghosts we don't know.

There are also the ones that stand out a bit more because of a predominant color, in your case a white ghost.

In the paranormal, white is usually associated with good or benevolent spirits, the white ghost you see is likely a benevolent spirit. It could be an actual ghost or a spirit.

Because you mentioned the person seemed to have on light or white colored clothes it seems this white ghost means you well, perhaps checking in on you to see how you are doing, perhaps giving reassurance or comfort; or the white ghost may be a messenger.

Sometimes you will notice the white seems to radiate from the apparition itself. You may not be seeing what we would call a white ghost, but have likely been visited by an angel in most cases your guardian angel.


I have an older sister who says she and her boyfriend have seen a tall, slender, white shadow spirit who they believe is a manly figure in their bedroom doorway.

My sister has seen it once or twice and her boyfriend woke up in the middle of the night and saw it and when he focused and stared at it the figure moved sideways like it was hiding from him.

I told her that I thought it was maybe there to watch over them or my nephew, my sister's son who is 45 years old! But I don't really know? What do you think it is and why is it there or any thing. I would really appreciate if I can get someone's advice on this.
Thanks Tessy

I don't think we're ever too old to be watched over!

White generally depicts good intentions. I would agree that this spirit is likely there to watch over the folks in the house, perhaps your sister and her boyfriend in particular.

It can be difficult to know exactly why it's there, sometimes it could be for support or, perhaps, take it as a warning and maybe be a bit more careful than usual. I don't think you have to fear the spirit itself though.

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