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White Entity
by Hayz

A few years ago me and a friend went for a walk, it was I think, something around 12:00am and 3:00am. As we are walking down the street we both saw something white, all white, a very bright white, run, straight through the back yard of somebody on our street.

We know it wasn't human, no human could have possibly been that bright or ran so fast. A few months later my friend saw it again. We have no idea what this could have been.

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White Entity

Benevolent Entity
by: Ilse

We usually think of white as representing good. I like to think that for every dark, malevolent entity that shows itself we have a light, benevolent entity that sets out to fight it, and equal out the balance. Perhaps that was the case here.

aahem... by: Anonymous

A ghost?

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