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Why do ghosts exist?

Why do ghosts exist? Why are ghosts here in the first place? They should have a certain place.


My answer to - Why Do Ghosts Exist?
Ghosts Haunted Houses

There can be lot of answers to the question why do ghosts exist and it really depends on the ghost and the situation. Each ghost has its own reasons for staying in the living realm, or coming back to it.

There is a theory that in order for a ghost to haunt they had to have died violently, with great fear or with a lot of hate, or another strong emotion. It's believed that a strong emotion binds the ghost and doesn't allow it to move on even if it wants to leave.

This is not entirely true. Although a strong emotion can be a reason for a haunting, as well as imprinting on a place, it isn't the only answer to why do ghosts exist.

Ghosts have an endless number of reasons for a visitation or a haunting. The reasons usually boil down to whatever the ghost feels is important - and that can be just about anything.

Truly, why do ghosts exist can be answered with endless reasons as each ghost and haunting is unique. So the cause of a haunting can be something very simple, or extremely complicated, depending on the ghost.

They should have a certain place.

That sentiment is shared by a lot of people.

Many people fear ghosts and therefore believe they shouldn't be allowed among the living. They had their time and now they should move on to a special place and stay there.

People fear what they don't understand. A ghost is someone who has died and has returned to the living plane. It scares us to think that something could break through that barrier. If they can do that, what else are they capable of? And at its base that is what we fear about ghosts and visitations, what they will do to us.

Most visitations, however, are friendly or neutral to us, sometimes even helpful and we have no cause to be afraid at all.

Usually if you can find out the specific reason for why do ghosts exist in the situation they, and you, are in, you may find you have no reason to fear the visitation and you can come to a good resolution for yourself, as well as for the ghost.

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