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8213 Gacy House - The Movie

8213 Gacy House is a movie about a group of paranormal investigators that decide to check out the old address of John Wayne Gacy.

Though the original house was torn down in search of bodies during the police investigation and a new one built, the paranormal folks felt there was something still lingering there, something worth checking out.

True Facts John Wayne Gacy Killings

If you want more info on the true facts surrounding this case try a search on Amazon using the term "John Wayne Gacy" there's an extensive list to choose from, including videos.

He dressed up as a clown, called himself Pogo, and entertained young children during the day at night he was a brutal serial killer. (If that doesn't give you chills, I'm not sure what will.)

Gacy as a clown

Between 1972 and 1978 he raped, tortured and murdered 33 young men between the ages of 14 - 21. He hid 29 bodies under the crawlspace in his house and another 3 were discovered buried in his yard. He admitted to dumping more bodies in a nearby river, because he was running out of room. Several bodies were recovered.

He was executed by lethal injection in May 1994. His brain was later removed to be studied no abnormalities were found. It is reported that the doctor still has his brain.

8213 Gacy House The Movie


The producers claim they were approached by a retired official from an Illinois law enforcement agency and given crime scene footage never before released which they have included in the movie. They also include a warning that the footage is graphic and disturbing.

A group of paranormal researchers set up their equipment on the spot where Gacy committed the crimes. The house was rebuilt but paranormal activity still occupied the space. This is the terrifying story of what transpired during their stay.

They don't actually say that the entire film is based on a true story though they allude to that and do nothing to dissuade anyone from reaching that conclusion.

Is this a true story?

The crime scene footage is probably real and Gacy was indeed a serial killer.

Did some researchers get into the right house to set up their equipment and spend the night? Since the address was changed when the new house was built to keep curiosity seekers away, it's doubtful they would allow anyone in to do any kind of paranormal investigation. And so far I haven't found any evidence of crime or misfortune occurring around that time and in that area I am open to any new evidence that would support it - contact me if you have any.

I live in a suburb about 20 mins south of where the movie was filmed. It was a hoax indeed. I called the Des plaines police department to verify and it never happened. There was never six bodies found on that day or the next day! Not even sure if the movie was filmed at that location.

Thanks for sending that in, Kristi

I'm with Kristi, the film was/is a stupid hoax. Furthermore, I don't understand why the film maker hasn't gotten sued for making the claim that it's a true story when in fact it obviously is NOT TRUE. I know I'd like my money back that I wasted on the DVD rental!

First of all, the house in the film is an old "century home"--NOT the modest ranch-style home in which he had actually lived in. Second, the real house was torn down and a nice, very upscale-looking home was built on the same site, not some old, run-down Victorian-style home that is obviously NOT a newer house.

Now, do I believe that there could be lingering spirits there? Of course I do; I happen to live in a "haunted" house myself, so I know these things are indeed real. The real question to me is, why in Hell would anyone even WANT to live on the same site where all that terrible stuff took place?! Certainly not I.

I don't understand why the film maker hasn't gotten sued for making the claim that it's a true story when in fact it obviously is NOT TRUE.

If a film says it's "based on true events" they are issued a 'get out of jail free' card. 'Based', can be pretty loose, no one says how much of it has to be true to have it count.

In this movie they claim "official crime scene footage" and the fact that Gacy actually was a serial killer. The rest, well, that's literary license.

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