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Amityville Horror Movie

The Amityville Horror movie - 1979 version, just has to be included in any section of ghost films. It caused such a stir, and still gets so much attention, that this section just wouldn't be complete without it.

Whether it is true or a lot of it is made up is still debated, the Lutz's contended that it might have been embellished a bit, for cinematic effect, but is based in fact and most of what is depicted really happened. They even, word has it, took a lie detector test and passed.

A Bit of Background History:

The Amityville Horror movie takes place about a year after the family of six, the Defeo's, were literally murdered in their beds. If a demonic presence, or some sort of haunting wasn't responsible for those events as depicted in The Possession then certainly after a gruesome crime like that one, there could be some evil force in residence now.

Amityville Horror 2005

The Lutz's purchased the house, knowing it was the same place where one of the most publicized mass murders had occurred. They didn't believe in anything to do with the paranormal at the time.

Just to be on the safe side though, they get a priest to come in and bless the house. That doesn't go all that well as he is told, in no uncertain terms, to "Get Out!"

The family moves in despite all of this. As the paranormal activity escalates they piece together more history of the house. There is a secret room, where animals were slaughtered and, they believed, sometimes used in satanic rituals and this seems to be the root of all the evil in the house.

A face appears on the walls, At first they believe it is a demon but later recognize it as the face of Ronald Defeo. ( It is well known that Ronald isn't dead, but is spending life in prison for the slaying of his family. Could this be a matter of the ghosts telling who committed their murders?)

The family flees in terror after only 28 days in the house.

There was a remake done in 2005 which deviates in parts from the original.

The controversy, that just doesn't seem to want to end, only serves to drive it up in popularity and makes the Amityville Horror movie one of the classics.

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