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Are Angel Orbs Actual Angels?

What we like to refer to as angel orbs are tiny spheres of light that are quite radiant and seem angelic to those who see one. They are usually seen without the aid of a camera. But does this prove they are actually angels? Would they be better classed as angelic helpers?

We consider angels as protectors, the embodiment of good, and a barrier between us and evil. Our usual impression of what one would look like is of a strong, winged avenger ready to place himself between us and whatever harm or evil may be stalking us.

angel orbs

Although that may be just what we are conditioned to see them as, there are references in the bible that allude to angels having a human shape, though often without wings, so this perception may not be far off.

There is no evidence to support the theory that these guardian spirits take on a different shape, such as a brilliant sphere. In fact, most stories tell of angels appearing to people as a human figure.

We may have to search a bit deeper when we try to determine what angel orbs actually are.

It does make you wonder why they would appear to one person in the semblance we have become familiar with, and to someone else as a ball of light.

While it's possible that some people may find the lights much easier to deal with, and this could be the reason guardians would appear as lights instead of their usual divine form, it may be more likely that a guardian would send a light in their place in a case such as that.

From accounts that people relate the overall impression of angel orbs is that they are tiny benevolent beings, or spirits. They never harm anyone and often bring a comfortable feeling with them. We can assume we have no need to fear them and it would seem they are here to help us sometimes delivering forewarnings, maybe reinforcing our beliefs?

It can be difficult to decide if there is a distinction between angel orbs or any other orb we come in contact with like a spirit or ghost orb. All the various names for these tiny balls of light may be pointing to the very same entity.

There are times when they do act a bit differently though, and we can imagine they may in essence be the same type of entity with a different purpose to serve.

It seems to be a reasonable assumption that angels and angel orbs may be two different beings, perhaps with an alliance to each other, their common goal one of helping us.

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