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Clock Stopped at a Certain Time

My son's clock stopped a couple of days ago at 2.05. I assumed the battery needed changing and forgot about it. When I want to replace the battery it was going again so I didn't replace it.

Since then this has happened about 5 times and at different times of the day, but after going for different amounts of time it stops on 2.05! then starts again once I've seen it.

I've seen many things over the years but nothing recently, but wondered what anyone thought regarding this.

Time Paranormal

If we take out the possibility that the clock is somehow stuck at 2:05 due to mechanical defects - the little gears and mechanisms can get slight defects in them which can cause it to stop at the same hour everyday then we have to assume that there is something significant with the number, in this case 2:05.

This could be associated with something that has already happened or it could be about something that possibly will happen in the future.

Usually ghosts, or anything metaphysical, try to get messages to us in a way that we can understand. Unfortunately, it can be quite cryptic at times and we find ourselves at a loss.

There are a fair number of occurrences that are marked by a stopped clock. You have to interpret each instance by itself with whatever background information you can gather. It seems a clock stopped at a certain time is a favourite paranormal phenomena used by the metaphysical world.

Here is another stopped clock occurrence you may be interested in White Orbs - their appearance is marked by a certain hour.

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