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White Orbs

My husband woke up at 3:46am one morning to find 2 little white orbs near us on the bed and as they floated away he saw some shadow.

He was telling me about it the next morning when he picked up his mobile it had stopped and the time on it was 3:46am. What does this mean?


From all the stories I've heard about white orbs, and other colors as well, they seem to be benevolent. They are not necessarily associated with ghosts and are likely a totally different spirit altogether.

Some people refer to them as angel, or ghost orbs, others simply as spirit orbs. It's not certain that they have a connection with angels or ghosts. They may simply be a different entity altogether, perhaps one we have no name for.

Shadow people, or shadow creatures, are often seen as leaning toward something more malevolent. We are instinctively afraid of shadows because they are dark, which we associate with evil or harm. They seem to be able to work on our emotions.

These lighted spheres may have been warning him about the shadow. Maybe he needs to be aware that things might be leaning toward something not strictly in his best interests. It certainly doesn't mean impending doom, just something he might be able to avoid if he is aware of it.

His mobile recording the time, by stopping exactly at the same time he noticed the balls of light, can perhaps be considered a bit of reinforcing proof that he actually saw the white orbs.

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