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Ghost Orbs

When we talk about ghost orbs we are usually referring to small balls of energy that are best described as - glowing spheres, with no natural explanation. Some people believe they may be souls of the deceased. Others believe they are something else.

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Our wide spread impression of apparitions is one of a semi transparent form that may look like a person, but is mist more than substance. This impression has been made famous by countless movies, but isn't always completely accurate.

Although an apparition can have a more ethereal look, people who have actually seen one, usually state that they look just like an ordinary, live person. Sometimes we recognize who they are, and sometimes it may be someone we don't know, a complete stranger. But they still look like a person.

From that stand point it is almost a natural progression then, to think that these spheres of light may not be dead souls after all, but a different type of entity. They have no resemblance at all to people.

A lot of photographs have been taken of these shiny beings around cemeteries, or places where a tragedy has taken place. We just assume that these must be haunted specters that are trapped in these places. There may be something there, but can we be certain what we are seeing isn't another type of spirit or entity?

Most of these ghost orbs don't actually behave the same way other apparitions do.

Ghosts often try to communicate or get some sort of message across, often by making noise or trying to get some kind of communication going ghost orbs are always silent.

An apparition can often disappear quickly if we spot them, there can be different reasons for this, we can possibly be losing our mind state that allows us to see them, or they are busy with their own activities. These tiny balls don't seem to behave this way. They stay and hold our vision, almost as if they want to make sure we do see them.

Ghosts often have their own agenda there is something they are trying to accomplish, often this concerns themselves an orb doesn't seem to have any kind of agenda for itself. Whatever they are doing it seems to be centered around the person they visit instead.

All of this is certainly not indisputable proof, but, it does raise the possibility that ghost orbs may be a different type of entity or being from the usual apparitions we see.

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