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Why can we get ghosts on camera, or film but not see them?

Why is it that when I was at a grave yard and we took pictures but with our bare eyes we could not see a thing, but once we took the pictures and looked at all the pictures there looked like there was white faces in the pictures.


My answer to: Why can we get ghosts on camera, or film but not see them?

Paranormal folks hold that the camera sees with perfect clarity. Cameras don't have any inhibitions about things, they just capture whatever is in front of them. So if there were ghosts present, catching the ghosts on camera might be possible.

People on the other hand, are very attuned to seeing what we want to see. A lot of people don't believe that ghosts truly exist. There is a little block inside their minds that simply won't acknowledge a ghost's presence. In this case people couldn't see the ghosts but film may be able to record it.

Folks also believe that ghosts are made up of energy and this energy can be picked up by a camera lens.

Another theory is that ghosts may operate at different levels of strength. Depending on how much power the ghost has it may not be formed enough for the naked eye to see while the camera being a more powerful lens can capture them.

Regardless of the real reason behind the phenomena of capturing ghosts on camera people have gotten images on film when nothing could otherwise be seen.

A picture that may be of interest to you is the one I captured of what looks like a water sprite. Even though it certainly doesn't fit the image of what most people imagine water sprites should look like, it's an intriguing photograph.

If you capture some ghosts on camera you have to decide if the images you see are paranormal. Either way, enjoy filming ghosts.

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