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Haunting Activity and Cold Spots?

I know a cold spot can be explained away as a draft etc. but my question is there are times I lay down in bed and I have this cold chill from my feet to my shoulder and its always my left side. I know we have activity at our home. From footsteps to seeing things, to the dog watching something walk across the room. So what is that cold chill I feel??


My Answer to: Haunting Activity and Cold Spots?

Cold spots can be a bit deceiving when it comes to hauntings and other haunting activity. It can mean there is a presence, or something else entirely going on. Cold spots don't have to be present in order for hauntingss to happen and often aren't present.

Cold spots can have different meanings, depending on the situation.

When you're looking at any kind of a haunting or paranormal activity, you try to look at all the reasons it could be happening. As you already said a cold spot can be explained away as a draft etc.

You've already mentioned that you know you have activity in your home. You've singled out the cold chills my first impression here is you're probably right the cold spot in this instance has nothing to do with the hauntings activity going on in the rest of the house.

I don't pretend to be a medical expert but in this instance I would look for a medical cause for the cold chills you're feeling. Sometimes we injure nerves without being aware of the damage. It can be a very slight injury, nerves can be very sensitive actually they're supposed to be. The cold chills being on one side only could be an indication of something not quite right also the fact it happens when you are laying down. There could be other medical reasons besides nerves, as I said I'm not a medical expert.

I would encourage you to visit your doctor and mention this, it may be nothing serious but he may have some advice that would make you more comfortable as I really do believe the cold spots you're feeling aren't connected with hauntings or the other paranormal activity you're experiencing.

Ilse Turnbull

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