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Hypnopompic Hallucinations - Dreams

Hypnopompic hallucinations or dreams, happen as you are waking up and are the counter to hypnagogic hallucinations which occur while you are falling asleep. People usually experience one or the other, but it's not unusual to have both.

Many people call it sleep paralysis as you can't move while these are going on. What has happened is your muscles have shut down for the night, this happens naturally, but they are supposed to be reinstated before you wake up. Things get a little muddled once in awhile though, and you wake up before your muscles get the message. This is the paralyzed or held down feeling you may have.

You are also still in a partial dream state, and that's when the strange dreams set in. A lot of the time these images are scary, couple that with the feeling that it's all for real, and you have a waking nightmare that can be extremely terrifying.

Sensations can also accompany the images, tingling, the feeling you are being suffocated, feeling like your body is moving or being transported, falling or being pulled, can be common.

A lot of people suffer from these episodes.

Two things seem to add to it if you are overtired, or stressed, the episodes can happen more often or become more extreme. The solution then would seem to be simple, get some good rest and relax. Not always the easiest thing to accomplish however.

Some doctors prescribe medication if the episodes are getting out of control or interfere with you wellbeing. An alternative is to stop hypnopompic hallucinations more naturally or try and control them instead. A cure for sleep paralysis might be of interest to you if you find them difficult to deal with and would like them to stop.

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