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Ritual Sage Cleansing
White Sage Uses

Alternatives to burning the sacred herbs

One of the most popular white sage uses is for cleansing, better known as smudging.

Different herbs are used in ritual ceremonies to remove negative energies, set up protection, and to invite positive energy into the home and to yourself.

However, some folks may find burning sacred herbs can cause them difficulties. People who suffer from asthma or other breathing disorders may find the smoke aggravates their condition.

There may also be other reasons you don't want to use the traditional smudging routines. New ways of purifying with herbs are gaining in popularity, and most of them have been in use as long as smudging has.

There are alternatives to burning white sage and other herbs

Since ancient times native peoples who practiced cleansing with herbs ritually lay the leaves on the floor and also rubbed the leaves all over themselves. This was to ensure the extra power of the herbs would be brought to life.

It is very acceptable to do this in place of burning white sage or any of the other herbs.

You simply lay the herbs all around yourself, it's quite all right to sit on them as well. Have your Intention firmly in your mind and then sit very quietly among the leaves. Concentrate on your Intention. Take a few leaves and rub them all over yourself. Use as many as you feel are necessary.

Contemplate on what you would like to have happen. Repeat your Intention - you can repeat it out loud or to yourself. Sit quietly for a time. Sometimes you will receive an insight. Be graceful if you do, but do not be disappointed if you don't. It doesn't always happen, and sometimes it is so subtle you may not recognize it.

When you are finished offer the negative energy to leave by holding the leaves up and envisioning all negativity leaving.

There are a few things you may do with the leaves you used for the rubbing.

It's your choice what you do with them, go with your feelings.

The leaves that were placed on the floor may be saved for another ritual. Go with your instincts on this one as well. If you feel they are used up then scatter them.

You may also use them in one of these ways...

Bury the leaves in the four corners

Another practice that was done was to bundle the herbs and tie them. Sometimes different herbs were put together, it all depends on your Intention. Affix your Intention to them, you may write it if you wish or just hold the herbs and concentrate on your Intention. Then bury each bundle on the edge of your property, one for the north, south, east and west.

You may also take a few leaves and place them in a bowl most often you use a clay bowl or one made of a natural substance, and place them around. Folks usually place them by doors or windows or in the four corners of the house.

Another practice is to tie the bundles, consisting of one herb or several, and hang them around your house.

Some of the herbs you may be interested in are

  1. White sage for dispelling negative energy
  2. Sweetgrass to attract positive energy
  3. Cedar for protection.

These different uses for white sage and other herbs allows everyone to benefit from the healing and purifying properties of these sacred plants. Experiment and find which ones appeal to you the most.

You may also be interested in doing a Light Ceremony which not only expells negative energy but also attracts positive energies to you.

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