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Smudging with Sage
A Sacred Ceremony

You can do a sage smudge by burning sage leaves or bundles. Either will work well in the smudging ceremony. Most important is to keep in mind that it is a sacred ritual handed down through generations.

Sacred white sage dispels negative energy in any form.

There are a few things you will need:

Your Intention

What you are thinking counts for a great deal. Consider you are asking for negative energies to be cleansed and then borne away on the smoke. Keep your Intention firmly in mind throughout the entire ceremony.

You may ask specifically that certain influences be banished, but it's beneficial to include that any negativity that is encountered be dealt with as well. There are always traces of dingy elements that are good to clear out.

Begin Your Sage Smudge

Light your sage with a wooden match,to keep everything as close to nature as you possibly can. Or you may keep a candle handy, just in case the bundle is difficult to light. This can happen at times.

First be sure your sage is completely dry. If you think it has a bit too much moisture you can put it in the sun for a time to dry more hanging it is best as this allows the air to circulate and any dampness to evaporate.

Bundles may also be bound too tight. If it doesn't light, loosen it up a bit. For the most part though, it should work just fine.

Clear your mind and be mindful of a true cleansing three or four deep breaths can help with this.

Put Out Any Flames

Once it is lit, any flames need to be put out. It is the smoke you are using in this ritual. You may use a feather, your hand or in extreme cases blow it out.


Smudge yourself first. If you have a friend you can take turns wafting the smoke around each other. Traditionally you cup the smoke with your hands and then bring it up to the person, or yourself, very much like you are washing youself with the smoke. Many begin with the heart area. You can pay special attention to any area you feel needs cleansing. Make sure you cover all of you.

If you are alone you can move the bowl around yourself slowly, the smoke does a nice job of covering everything. Use your hands to cup the smoke and direct it over yourself.

After your own sage smudge, smudge whatever it is you want purified or infused with positive energy.

Now you may smudge the object or place, or whatever it is you wish to smudge. This is done by waving the smoke over or through it, depending on what you are smudging. Some like to use their hands, a feather is also traditional. It is customary to leave a window or door open for any energies to leave.

Always be mindful of your Intention - you can repeat it to yourself or out loud as you work.

Repeat Your Own Smudging

It is customary to repeat the smudging of yourself and any partner you are with after you are finished with the first smudge just to make sure nothing is clinging to you or left behind.

Conduct a Positive Energy Smudge

Of extra benefit is doing a positive energy smudge to attract good things to yourself, your objects, and all things around you. This is done right after the sage smudge. It is done the exact same way except you are welcoming positive energy to you.

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