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Sweetgrass Braids
Attract Positive and Bountiful Energy

Sweetgrass braids are known to attract positive energy. The practice of smudging, or burning this sacred herb is more popular than the alternative of hanging the braids, but both ways work very well.

It is customary to burn either sage or cedar first both if you prefer to expel negative energy, or instil protection before you do a positive attraction. This helps to get rid of any resistance that may be around.

Many simply do the sweet grass smudge as they believe the smoke will purify the negative as it attracts the positive. There may be times that heavy negativity is around and adding in a cleansing will work better. The best way to find what works for you is to try it both ways.

Prepare for the ceremony

Burning sweetgrass is done the same way that cedar and white sage are smudged.

Your Ceremony

Light your braid with a wooden match, or a candle if you prefer. If the flame continues to burn, gently blow it out either with a feather or in extreme cases simply blow it out. Your braid should continue smoking. In smudgings it is the smoke that cleanses and/or draws positive energy to you.

Waft the smoke to yourself, or over/through whatever you are smudging. You can use your hands, cupping the smoke and 'washing' yourself with it. You may also use a feather, or wave the smoke with your hand.

If you are smudging a house or a place, go from room to room. Remember to do closets or little niches. Leaving a window or door open will give negativity a place to escape.

Repeat your Intention and focus on what you are asking for throughout the ceremony.

When you are finished you may put out the braid by covering it with the sand or earth in your bowl keep an eye on it to make sure it is totally out before removing it from the bowl. Since sweetgrass braids are generally quite long put your bowl in a sink or some other fireproof container, just in case any overhanging braid is still burning.

The braid can be used again, or you can bury it by breaking it into four pieces and burying each piece at the four corners of your property, north, south, east and west. This will continue to bring good positive energies to you.

You can burn sweetgrass braids as often as you feel you need to, or want to. Many folks make it a scheduled ritual.

You may be interested in Alternative Methods that don't require burning the herbs.

And also Ancient Light Ceremony a wonderfully uplifting ritual that attracts and protects.

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