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Are These Shadow Creatures?

by Judy

I have lived in this house for over twenty years. Through all those years we have had many paranormal experiences, from lights going on and off in the basement (sometimes you hear the light chain being pulled but the light doesn't come on), to seeing things in mirrors, to things being moved around and/or hidden, to shadow people (sometimes seen straight on)voices, sometimes saying our names, whistling, laughing, singing and to a full body apparation of a teenage boy.

I guess you would say we have kind of gotten use to them but the other day after I turned off my laptop and set it on the floor in front of me I saw what looked like a small black shadowy figure that kind of looked like it was flapping where it's arms should be and it wasn't farther than a foot in front of my face.

I asked my husband, "What the bleep was that!" but he hadn't seen it.

The next day in a different room I turned around and there not more than two feet in front of me was a similiar looking shadowy, I guess flapping/fluttering figure but it was white.

I was just wondering after reading some stuff on your site if you think it was a shadow creature and are they always black. Just kind of freaked me out a bit cause it was so close to my face.

We generally think of shadow creatures as being black because they are basically defined by a color, hence the shadow reference. Black or dark most often signifies negative energy. Which can mean they're not something you really want to have around.

White on the other hand is the exact opposite positive energy and most often a benevolent entity. Those you don't mind. I wouldn't class them as shadow creatures, just because shadow creatures have negative references attached to them, and these little guys likely are there to do some good.

If we have both a dark and a light energy, we can assume the light one is there to cancel out the dark one, or at least to lend some aid.

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