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Sleep Paralysis Disorder - Demons

There is a wide spread phenomenon called sleep paralysis disorder, it is accompanied by terrifying dreams that feel extraordinarily real.

I've had a few experiences where at night I feel an evil spirit is holding me down on my bed or wherever I'm laying down at, and I try to yell and move but I can't. I know it was something evil cause my blanket was pulling off me and my cats were yelling on the other side of my door..

What you may be experiencing is sleep paralysis disorder this happens when a person feels they are awake but they are still in a sleep state. You are aware of what is going on around you, but you can't move, or respond in any way.

It is actually a very terrifying thing to go through. You can feel like you are being held down or being sat on and it's usually accompanied by a great feeling of terror or even evil. You could be moving the blankets yourself in one of these episodes and not be aware you are doing it.

Most likely your cats can tell you are upset and are reacting because you are in obvious distress, pets are very aware of how we feel and react to our emotions.

The number of times that something like this is an actual paranormal episode, or a demon attack is extremely rare, I'm not saying it never happens, but most often it is sleep paralysis disorder. I have a few articles that explain this in more detail. If you're interested, Sleep Paralysis

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