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Could spirits and ghosts be in my house?

I don't know if this could be spirits and ghosts. There were rumors that a lady had died in a house in Fontana, Ca, that I lived in when I was younger. There are multiple things that I saw/heard that I would like to be explained. I'll list them below hoping that you can give me an explanation as to what/why they were.

  1. I saw a strange animal-like creature run out from under my bed and disappear through the wall outside. I remember it vividly having a tail that resembled an alligator and an "armor" like body like an armadillo. It looked evil though.. I didn't get a good vibe from it.

  2. A small orb of light passed right in front of my eyes very slowly then disappeared. This happened at the very entrance of the hallway.

  3. A white haired old woman walking down the hall. She had almost a white glow around her.

  4. My mom and I heard heavy, slow foot steps walking down the hall one night.

I noticed all of these things occurred in or by the hallway of our home. I hope you can give me some info. Thank you so much!!!


You probably have a mix of spirits and ghosts that are visiting. Sometimes there are a lot of different occurrences going on at the same time.

  1. This sounds a bit like shadow creatures except you could make out distinct details about it, that doesn't quite fit with shadow beings. What it may be, is someone's pet. Pets do come back for visits. This one sounds like an exotic pet - a reptile of some sort, maybe.

  2. An orb could be spirits or ghosts. Some say they can't fully form into apparitions, but I think they choose this form. The orb may not even be a ghost at all but a different entity altogether. They are usually associated with good.

  3. I'm wondering if the old lady is the woman that used to live in the house. The white glow, again, usually signifies a benevolent spirit, so she wouldn't be anything you would have to be afraid of.

All the activity happening in one spot may be because that is the center of the house, or more likely that is where a significant event took place. It doesn't always have to be a bad event, it could be a spot where something happy happened as well. Because of the event, the spirits and ghosts may be drawn to that area.

We can sometimes connect some occurrences, but others can stay as a mystery. There doesn't seem to be any problems associated with the visits so we can assume the spirits and ghosts that are in your home are friendly and mean no harm.

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