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A Spirits Question

I have a friend who is a sensitive and she believes that I'm not Bipolar that it's the spirits that reside in our home. Can a spirit actually make a susceptible person experience such things?

My mom has felt the presence of my late father and everyone gets paranoid in certain parts of the house. We've used an EMF Detector in those places and it was 0-2.5. Of course I'm the only one that hears and sees things but, I have noticed it's very rare I do outside the house. My children are afraid to be in their playroom alone.

Not sure what to do. I'm trying to clean now and make sure there is no mold present anywhere. Any input would be greatly accepted.
Thank you. Sandy

Hi Sandy,

Let's take the EMF reading first

We've used a EMF Detector in those places and it was 0-2.5.

EMF meters can be a bit tricky, you have to have the right meter for the specific readings you are looking for. Then use it specifically, according to the instructions which you may well have done. A lot of things can interfere with them as well.

Let's take into account that the reading in those spots is higher than in other parts of the house which indicates an anomaly. It's important to figure out where the readings are coming from. Our houses are stuffed full of electricity and any gadgets we have will set a meter off.

If the reading is indeed high, it could have an effect on your health though the readings have to be significant to do so. They can incite feelings of nervousness and make you nauseous, along with some other ill feelings. All those would be the result of electro magnetic fields usually electricity or radio waves.

If you are having an emf problem it would benefit everyone in the household to have a professional electrician look into the situation and fix it.

EMFs and Ghosts

It is widely believed that the presence of a ghost, or other paranormal entity, will raise emf levels. If this is the case the emf levels should fluctuate.

Just to make this clear if you take a reading and the micro is on, the levels may rise. Ditto for other appliances. In that case, it's not a visitation, it's electricity. So you have to be aware of anything turning on or off like a refrigerator, clocks etc.

A ghost isn't likely to stay around 100% of the time, so if the emf meter is recording their presence, there should be some fluctuation going on.

She believes that I'm not Bipolar

I would recommend extreme caution in making any medical diagnosis when it comes to anything paranormal. It's absolutely fine to check out the possibility, but be very careful about changing medications and other medical regimens without consulting a doctor first. Always be wary of your health first and foremost.

I absolutely believe in the paranormal, (or I wouldn't have made this site) and I know it can affect us, but you have to very careful that you're not making a misjudgement and causing yourself more harm than good.

Can a spirit actually make a susceptible person experience such things?

You didn't actually say what you were experiencing.

People can hear and see ghosts, some see them very clearly, for others they are faint or just on the sidelines of their vision. Some will be visited through their dreams. Some folks can hear them, or sense them. There are a lot of variables when it comes to how folks experience the paranormal.

Many folks have reported that shadow people change the moods they feel, often quite dramatically. The paranormal can affect us, to what extreme we can't be completely certain. We have to balance all the things we are experiencing though, which includes our own perception of the event. If we're afraid of ghosts that is going to change things and add to it as well. We humans are a moody species, which is why it's so easy for anything to affect us.

My children are afraid to be in their playroom alone

Children can often sense things that adults can't. Talk with them, ask them what it is that is making them afraid. They don't have to be afraid of ghosts, I can't imagine your father means to frighten them. They may be experiencing some visits. Encourage them to talk about them and reinforce that ghosts are a natural extension of our lives and it's their astral energy that is visiting.

For the most part kids are afraid of "the dead thing that's coming around." We instinctively fear death. If they can understand that it's in fact our spirit the live, bright part of a person that continues on it changes their attitude towards ghosts and they will find they aren't as frightened by them.

Children will pick up on the mood of adults too. If adults are afraid of ghosts, they will be as well. They've likely noticed the adults being wary of certain parts of the house and they will react to that.

I don't doubt that you are being visited by your father, and your friend says there are other spirits around as well. Those visits may, or may not, be the cause of the EMF readings or other things that you are experiencing.

If the visits bother you most often you can ask a ghost to leave and they must do so. They don't always come back, though it happens sometimes. I would try asking them to leave, though I doubt your father means any harm.

I would also look into trying to find out if there are any electrical problems in the house the emf readings could be signalling this. Checking it out certainly won't do any harm and you may find that's at the root of some of the problems all of you are having.

I'm trying to clean now and make sure there is no mold present

Excellent idea. Certain molds can be toxic and often we don't even know they are there as they can be hidden in walls etc.

Other than that I would try not to be frightened. Although we love our scary ghost movies, most often any spirits that visit mean us no harm. They mostly just want to get a message across to us or just interact a bit.


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