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Where Do Ghosts Come From?


Where do ghosts come from can be an intriguing question. There are many traditions and beliefs concerning what happens to us when we die. Many feel there is a special place we are sent to where we find everlasting peace, or eternal punishment, depending on how we have conducted our lives. There are many names for both - heaven, the afterlife, the hereafter, utopia or hades and hell, and the list continues.

Even though we may not agree on what exactly to call the afterlife, many people agree that though our bodies are returned to the earth our soul or spirit continues on in some form on some other plane.

Do Ghosts Simply Not Move On?

It is further believed that at the time of our death we must accept that our time on the living plane is over and we must move on to the next one.

Some people believe that ghosts are those souls that for whatever reason have not moved on, but continue to occupy the living realm with us. That may be the case for some hauntings, but I don't believe it is the case with all of them.

I believe that some souls simply come back. There are different reasons for a ghost to return, perhaps to care for us, deliver a message or any other reason they feel is important.

So while it may be true that some ghosts can not, or will not, move forward after death and do remain here, some souls return to us. After they have completed what they came to do they then go back to that other realm.

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