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Haunted and Draining My Energy

My fiancee told me she is haunted by a little girl who killed her mom then died right after. The ghost scares her at night and affects her like draining her energy and mood changes.

One question is why does it do that? and when I'm over it don't affect me at all like I am immune...why does it not affect me?

I think you may be dealing with a couple of different things. It's been my experience with ghosts that while they can project emotions - they make us feel that they are evil, scary, very sad or perhaps even neutral - they can't actually change or affect our emotions. They can project their own emotions and use those to their advantage, but that seems to be as far as they can go.

If your fiance is finding she's having mood changes that she can associate with this event, I would be more apt to believe it isn't a ghost she's dealing with but perhaps a form of shadow people, or more likely shadow creatures. These do seem to affect our moods and sometimes in a spectacular manner.

Draining Her Energy

Again, not usually associated with ghosts. There is a theory that some people can drain the energy from others, they're known as psychic vampires, or energy vampires. Some people feel they have to take the energy from others in order to survive. All these people are living however, and have to be in the room with you in order to do it.

Can an entity drain your energy?

Perhaps, though that's not likely the only cause.

Your fiance seems to know the story behind the haunting and it disturbs her. She also seems to be afraid of the little girl who seems to visit fairly often. That in itself can be tiring, and lack of sleep will make things worse. That can easily account for the drained energy, simply because she is physically and emotionally worn down by all of this.

I'm going to imagine the reason your fiance is afraid of this ghost is because she believes that any murderer that hangs around after death must not only be evil but have evil intent as well.

That may or may not be true. For all we know she may be a bound spirit and for ghosts that may be the ultimate punishment.

Most ghosts only have as much power as we give them. Sometimes we give them more than we think we do and certainly not on purpose. It can be tough not to be afraid but as long as you remember that a ghost needs permission to stay around it won't matter. Tell her to leave, firmly, without being rude. She will have to leave.

Dealing With Negative Emotions

The negative emotions that cause the mood swings can likely be attributed to shadow people/creatures and the best way to get rid of them is to change the negative atmosphere of your house to a positive one. They don't seem to hang around a happy, stress limited household. I say stress limited because it's very hard to be totally stress free these days. If we change our attitudes we find the negative atmosphere can be replaced with a much more upbeat one and the feeling of being drained will go away.

Why does it not affect me?

There can be a few reasons. One typical male response to being threatened "Don't even try me." And all sorts of guards go up. You are effectively protecting yourself.

Second you don't fully believe it. Even if you do believe in ghosts, you likely don't believe they can do anything like this. So you may be closed off to it.

I understand if that sounds a bit contradictory, your fiance would likely say she doesn't want any of this, so why is it happening? In a lot of cases our subconscious may be working against us and we don't even realize it. Believing she is evil and has power, may actually be giving her some.

Again, be firm, send her on her way may I suggest to find peace, she must go. Lastly, change the atmosphere to one of being positive and happy.

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