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Visited By A Shadow Being

by Erica

I recently bought a 96yr old house, I have had experiences with ghosts before but this I cannot explain, It makes me uneasy and a little scared (goosebumps)And I don't get scared easily.

It stands outside my bedroom door, never comes in, and just stares at me! It's only about 3ft tall, it's black, like an outline of somebody, but it has bright white eyes. Where I have to turn my back to my door, but still feel it looking. What should I do and does it seem evil b/c it sure makes me feel that way.

Hi Erica

Most often, not always, a black entity with no discerning features is called a shadow being, with the size you mention this may be a shadow creature, though you mention it has a human type outline. They are considered low level beings and mostly have an effect on our emotions.

It's sort of a cycle they are attracted by negative emotions, then amplify them and seem to get nourishment from them, which all causes the feelings to escalate, which serves to keep the critters around.

You say you feel uneasy and a little scared, that's a fairly natural reaction to these little guys.

You did mention something else I find very interesting

It stands outside my bedroom door, never comes in, and just stares at me!

Scary Door

There are rules governing most paranormal phenomena, and they thoroughly enjoy finding a way around them. They really can't enter without our permission but big but here - we often give that permission without realizing we've done it. It looks to me like you've not given that permission where your bedroom is concerned and that's why it can't get passed your bedroom door.

Maybe for this particular instance you can order it out of your home. I find that doesn't always work with these entities for whatever reason, but in your case it just might.

The difference could be that it's left over from the other folks who owned the house before you bought it. It's possible that there were a lot of negative feelings, anger, sadness, maybe frustration, from the people who lived there before. These emotions can be imprinted on a place. They can also be changed.

The way to get rid of shadow beings - creatures in particular is to change the atmosphere. If the negative atmosphere is removed from a place, they go away. They simply can't survive on happy emotions.

Since you just bought the house and probably are quite happy with your new home you are likely already changing the atmosphere in it. Which is likely why it's finding itself hampered. If you keep things upbeat throughout the house it shouldn't hang around for long.

I haven't heard of anyone getting hurt by a shadow being - creature. I have heard that people's moods go a bit haywire around them though. I would tell it that it has to leave your property and never come back, I wouldn't be rude or condescending, just firm. Then just keep things happy and see if that gets rid of it.


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